Interview with Eddie Morin, B & G Tasty Foods

B & G Tasty Foods opened in 1953, and is one of those classic restaurants you have to eat at when you're in Omaha. Eddie Morin worked there throughout high school and college, then bought the business in 2009. SecretPenguin had fun creating a secret Frenchee menu in 2012 with him, and when that ended, the banana Nutella Frenchee became a mainstay on the menu! He's an old friend of mine through skateboarding. Years ago, he surprised me with a ladder for my backyard skate ramp. He is always so thoughtful in everything he does, and it translates to how he treats each detail at B & G. 
-Dave Nelson


What inspired you to work in the restaurant industry?

I basically just fell into it. I needed a job in college and a friend was a manager at B & G. He hired me and I just never left. I have never worked in another restaurant, so I’m reluctant to say I’m even in the food industry. I’m in the B & G Tasty Foods industry.


What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is just paying the bills. After everything is paid off, there isn’t much money left. The next biggest challenge is keeping all the employees happy. I have an awesome crew that all work very hard. Because they always agree to do more and pick up extra shifts, I need to make sure I’m not pushing them beyond what they want. Most of my employees are students also, and that is obviously their first priority.


What makes your restaurant stand out?

There are a few things that make B & G stand out. One is that we have been around for 60+ years and haven’t changed all the much. Another is that we focus very heavily on great customer service which is rapidly disappearing in fast-casual dining. Also, we have loose meat!


What motivates you to wake up and continue doing what you do?

I love being at B & G. I love who I work with. My employees are great people and a ton of fun to be around. It’s darn near impossible to be cranky with them around. Our customers are great too and I love seeing them come in time and time again. I’ve seen kids grow up coming to B & G.


Favorite item to order at your restaurant?

The Bee Gee sandwich is our number one item. It is our loose meat sandwich. It is unique and addictive. Even before I worked here or owned B & G I was a customer. A trip to B & G is not complete without a Bee Gee.


A trip to B & G is not complete without a Bee Gee.


One word of advice to anyone looking to do what you do?

Get access to a lot more money than you actually need to start the restaurant. If you can’t get the cash, make sure you can get an emergency loan. Equipment breaks. A lot. Business can slow way down. There are any number of things that can require a lot of money very quickly and if you aren’t able to come up with it, you’re done. Next, hire only people you are very excited to work with. It makes your day so much more enjoyable. Oh, that was more than one word. Too late now.

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